Blended Development


sBlended Idea

How-Who We give you a healthy and highly effective mix of on- and offline modules. The process starts by giving all your participants a common understanding of terminology and tools – so right from the start they’re talking the same language. We reinforce this with practical (online) experiential learning – applying the lessons directly and immediately in the workplace. So, even before the face to face training, you’re already getting practical results and benefits. This makes the “live” training all the more effective. Online learning happens on demand – whenever the participant needs it. The “live” workshops bring everyone together to hone those lessons and drive priority, focus and consistency across your organisation. The result is effective and company-wide, and truly sustainable.

Features and Benefits

By engaging with our unique process and proven development method, your people experience a number of benefits. Organisational Value


  • Roll out a programme to groups / audiences worldwide in real-time
  • Reach 100s of people simultaneously
  • Minimise negative impact on the organisation / operations
  • Lower travelling and accommodation costs
  • Increase your leader’s international mobility
  • Start creating a learning organisation
  • Make this part of your induction to bring new leaders up to speed more quickly

Value for the People


  • Speak the same language as your peers when it comes to leadership
  • Co-lead employees from other areas more quickly / effectively
  • Drive international initiatives more easily through a common mindset
  • Ease the impact on teams through bite-sized modules
  • Start developing and working in a learning culture

Individual Value

  • Learn at your own speed and make learning flexible
  • Bite-sized learning nuggets, easy to digest during working times
  • Build a tool-set and access information 24/7
  • Focus only on what you need and receive practical advice, explanations and toolsOnO_Features&Benefits_Icon_IndiValue
  • Increase your (international) career development opportunities


Service and SolutionsServices & Solutions

Do you want the performance and results that come from focused and excellent leadership? Do you want the benefits that come from a company-wide, consistent understanding of leadership? You can achieve this by developing the following 5 leadership competencies globally and translating them into local behaviours.