Guaranteeing Business Growth Web Workshop

Would you like to grow healthily and stay ahead of your competition? Join us for this Free Web Workshop to learn how!

Location: Online

Date: 25th August 2015

Time:  10-11 a.m. (GMT – London) 

Price: Free

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Guaranteeing Business Growth

How to grow healthily and stay ahead of your competition

We all know how complex organisations are and how challenging it can be to adapt to the constantly growing speed and number of market challenges. A study in 2014 amongst MDs identified:
  • 79%: Complexities are rising dramatically
  • 92%: Change Management is getting more and more important
  • 94%: Company culture is important to a company’s success

In order to Master these challenges new approached on how to manage and navigate your business are needed. They should make complexities more transparent, be practical – yet at the same time advanced enough to master the internal and external dynamics. In this web-workshop we offer insights into what your new approach could look like, how to use it and how you and your business can benefit. Our approach is based on 2 management models – Graves’ Value System and Tom Peters’ 7S Model –which we have combined and developed further. It is systemic, systematic and easy to apply.

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The Benefits of attending this Free web-workshop are:
  • You gain an understanding of the 7 essential parts of a business
  • You can create maps, which help you to identify where individuals, teams/groups and entire organisations are
  • You are able to identify where differences lead to performance barriers and conflicts
  • You gain a visual understanding of the dynamics around you
  • You get better at understanding what the right cultural fit is for you, what to look out for and where your limits are

The session ends with a 15 minutes Q&A session.

This is not a sales presentation but an interactive online workshop with valuable take-aways.

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Rhys Photis

Rhys Marc Photis, co-founder of OnO-Line ( has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. He worked in international corporations as an International Business Developer and MD and successfully set-up SME businesses in emerging markets. He has seen the good, bad and ugly. As a thought leader in the area of sustainable business growth and agile business development, Rhys has supported many SMEs and MSEs on their growth journey – in a healthy and sustainable way.

Twitter: @rhysGPi


LinkedIn: @rhysmarcphotis 


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