MasterClass ‘Guaranteeing Business Growth’

IoD_116eventsPlease join us and other IoD Members and their guests who will share their expertise and knowledge with the chance to meet and connect in an informal social evening at Café Duke

Location: Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall London, SW1Y 5ED

Date: 07 July 2015

 Time:  18:00 – 21:00

Member price: £25.00 + VAT



Rhys is the host of July’s Member Masterclass

  _ _ _ __________SPEAKER__________ _ _ _

Rhys Photis

Rhys Marc Photis, MD, OnO-Line Ltd, MBA International (AMBA)

Twitter: @rhysGPi

LinkedIn: @rhysmarcphotis

Rhys Marc Photis MBA International, MD @ OnO-Line LTD, is an entrepreneur with a proven, global track record in setting up businesses in various markets and nine years as head of a client-driven business development firm.

_ _ _ __________TOPIC__________ _ _ _

Guaranteeing Sustainable Growth

We all know how complex organisations are and how challenging it can be to adapt to the constantly growing speed and number of market challenges. A study in 2014 amongst MDs identified:

  • 79%: Complexities are rising dramatically
  • 92%: Change Management is getting more and more important
  • 94%: Company culture is important to a company’s success

In order to be able to manage these challenges and opportunities we have adopted Clare Graves’ Value System to the business context. He identified 9 levels of maturity whereof 4-5 are relevant to the business world. When combined with Tom Peters’ 7S model one achieves a systematic approach to growing a company and taking it from A to B. Both of these models are freely available.

They have helped us in making more sense of the business dynamics around us and we are happy to share our insights. One of the great advantages is that this technique works for individuals, teams / groups, entire organisations, markets and all if them together!

This approach is usually used with insiders of an organisation (often its leaders) who can use it to start making sense of the organisation around them. This also leads to an understanding of how many levels an organisation operates on, what is healthy and where conflicts within an organisation originate. Furthermore, it can assist in understanding how well an organisation is reflected by and serves it’s customer base. Targeting customer groups becomes a whole new ball game.


_ _ _ _WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU_ _ _ _

We would like this to be the beginning of a lifelong journey for you. We can help you to see the bigger picture, experience different viewpoints and as a group we can exchange ideas and lessons learnt. This is not a sales presentation but a session to help like-minded directors to get an understanding on how business governance can really become something meaningful and manageable.


_ _ _ __________BENEFITS__________ _ _ _

The benefits are:

  • You can create maps, which help you to identify where individuals, teams/groups, markets and entire organisations are
  • You are able to identify where differences lead to performance barriers and conflicts
  • You get a clear / measurable understanding of the status-quo and can pro-actively manage change
  • You gain a visual understanding of the dynamics around you
  • You get better at understanding what the right cultural fit is for you, what to look out for and where your limits are


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