How to Improve Business Performance through Agility – Mini-Workshop in London

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Do you think agile is only relevant for IT/software development? Or do you think agile is just another buzzword? Join us and learn how agile principles can re-shape your whole business.

Location: INSEEC, 32 Aybrook street, London, W1U 4AW

Date: 16th September, 2015

Time:  5:30-8:00 p.m. (GMT – London) 

Price: Free

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Your Competition Drives its Agility – What about you?

Agile Working Integrates Flexibility With Business Performance!

A recent study with more than 100 companies states that 1 in 8 respondents already executes more than 80% of their projects with agile methods. If you haven’t tried it, even in a pilot, isn’t it time to consider doing so? You may otherwise soon find yourself being overtaken by your competition.

There are many reasons for using agile management methods. The study shows:

  • 72% increased ability to change (mainly services, products)
  • 62% better customer interaction / engagement
  • 55% improved communications (mainly across departments)
  • 42% overall project success rate (vs. 12% of traditionally managed projects)


But what is agility? What methods can be used to make a company and its people more agile? Which implications does this have on leadership? What are the skills needed? What makes agile business development and digital agility so effective and what can you use to your advantage?

These questions will be answered by us – the 3 partner companies Global Performance Improvement, OnO-Line Ltd and intelligentHQ. We will come together to share our expertise and lessons learnt. The topics are:

  • General overview of agile methods in the management and leadership context
  • A clear starting point, step-by-step path towards agility
  • Implications for leaders, on management roles and leadership as such
  • Taking advantage of digital networks for strategic growth and change
  • Using digital insight to foster creativity and innovation

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The session ends with a plenary discussion and a more light-hearted networking opportunity. 




RSVP: Please note that we only have a limited number of seats. We will begin with an informal part at 5:30pm whoever is there by that time will definitely get a seat!

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