Case Studies

Case Studies

Every founder and every company is unique

We all know that. One of our main objectives is for you to capture what makes you and your company stand out whilst enabling the business to grow. We work across industries as we focus on the operational engine behind your value proposition. Therefore, you will find a variety of case studies on this page. What they all have in common is the focus on improving business performance and fast growth – Formula 1 speed.


1. Case ‘Enabling Sustainable Growth After A-Round’

Key Words: Strategic & Management Alignment, Sense-checking Investments, Decision-making, On-boarding, Retention Rates [R–B, AS]  

2. Case ‘Successful Post-merger Integration’

Key Words: Integration, Accountancy, Increased Customer Engagement, Employee Motivation, Performance Improvement, Collaboration, Change Management [B2O, CC]  

3. Case ‘From Good to Great’

Key Words: Healthy People Business, Strategic Growth Ambitions, Misalignment, Leadership: Loyalty vs. Performance, Measurability [[B2O, SK]  

4. Case ‘Getting Unstuck’

Key Words: Online Analytics, Mini Corporation, Silo-mentality, 2 Customer Segments, Processes acc. to Value Chains, Focus [U-B, CN]  


If you are interested in some of our other case studies

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