Training Funding

We are proud to have been successfully accredited by a government-backed initiative to support British SMEs and MSEs with the potential to grow. This means you can access business support and match funding for training of up to £2000 per eligible senior manager.

With us you get access to business development coaching & leadership training at an unusually competitive rate!

Criteria to qualify

  • Registered in the UK and based in England
  • 5-249 employees
  • < £40 million turnover / year
  • Determined to grow your business

How does it work?

You are a growing business and want to enter the next growth phase. We look at your individual challenges and tailor the necessary support for you. It is all about you and your business priorities.

Do some of these challenges sound familiar? Here some examples where we can support you in developing solutions:

  • Missing a clear and coordinated roadmap to growth
  • Differentiating yourself from the competition
  • Bringing scale to your business
  • Retaining and developing customers
  • Creating a more efficient business operation
  • Creating a pipeline of new products and services
  • Embedding a culture of innovation
  • Building a high performance team


Next Steps

1. You get in touch with us via contact details below

2. We check that you qualify

3. We put you in touch with an advisor to get you accredited

4. Together with the advisor we meet to clarify your business needs (60 min.)

5. Once accepted you pay the following fee which covers initial performance coaching (step 6) and access to an online community of like-minded business leaders


6. Initial Performance Coaching

Ono-Line facilitates a business session with your business leaders:

  • Run a pre-assessment to identify current business situation
  • Use feedback for an informed and open discussion about your current situation, growth barriers and business objectives
  • Provide a road map and personalised action plan


– – – – – – – – – o p t i o n a l – – – – – – – – –

7. Apply for Leadership & Management Training (within 60 days of accreditation)


  • Training is limited up to a maximum of £2,000 per senior manager.
  • Double your management-training budget. The fund matches your training investment and thus you will be able to double the amount of money you put towards leadership training.
  • Reduce your current management-training budget. If you can only afford a smaller amount, still double the money, which is available (by the fund matching your investment.


The Business Development Coaching and our Leadership & Management Training can help your senior managers sustain your growth whilst continuously improving by:

  • Drafting a business overview, listing essential parts (incl. health check)
  • Creating a skills map to understand what is needed to deliver on-going growth
  • Implementing effective leadership and management styles / practices
  • Developing and leading high performance teams
  • Finding ways to organise and share workloads more effectively
  • Embedding and manage departments of innovation or joint enterprises
  • Developing a truly agile and thus competitive business
  • Going international: Enter new markets, sectors and regions