What is it?

The GPi Pathfinder is a unique method of mapping your business – from markets to clients to team dynamics – to decode the interdependencies.
This personalized business blueprint enables you and your team to discover what is really going on and what is currently holding you back.
From this position of strength, you can cut complexity and co-create a practical, clear roadmap that unlocks your business potential.

The Pathfinder…

  • provides a bigger picture and can be used to consider your external relationships: markets, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders;
  • brings forth individual, team/group or organisational perspectives within your company;
  • is tried and tested as it is based on 2 tried and tested methods. The 7S Model is practical and examines all relevant parts of your company. The Graves Value System captures levels of maturity in a functional manner;
  • is easy to understand with visual graphs and colour-coding;
  • is durable and withstands the test of time through its open approach and additionally available