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You’ve come a long way

We want you to continue enjoying healthy growth. That’s why we provide a Health Check for your business, giving you a clear overview of your pain points and their root causes. A good starting point for a practical roadmap to bring your people together and drive the business forward.
We all face similar challenges when scaling our companies – continuing on the growth trajectory, ability of letting go and delegating to newly hired managers, hiring the right people, structuring and managing the organisation rather than doing what we love and originally started out with. And as we all know the list goes on.
If you want to regain that feeling of being on top of things, start with a ‘Growth Health Check’. The online diagnostic assesses all 35 crucial, day-to-day aspects of your business and how they work together. Imagine your business as an engine where all components fit nicely together, humming beautifully. As you accelerate, you suddenly hear a knocking noise, something slows you down, something rattles. The Pathfinder will identify the root cause and enable a permanent fix. You also get a clear idea on how to set the company culture you originally intended, how to hire people who fit and stay, and how to design your organisation to go from good to great. Ultimately, this means not feeling torn anymore and having more time to be where you want to be.